Tuesday, October 2, 2012

6 Week Post-Op with Doctor B.

Flew back to Augusta (solo this time) to see Dr. B. for my 6 week follow up.  My doctor is awesome.  I simply cannot say that enough!  My doctor...is...AWESOME!!!  Doc, you reading this??  YOU ARE....AWESOME!!!  It was apparent to him that I was doing much better since the surgery.  Sitting more comfortably, walking with hardly any limp at all (and without the cane too, thankyouverymuch!)  Still some residual pain and the occasional sharp "pull" in the groin, but all in all, appears to be a success so far.  And actually, now the pain in the left hip (the non-operative one) is starting to surpass the right one.  Which is exactly where we want to be!  I left Fort Gordon with a smile on my face and an operative date in the planner.  Hip surgery #2 is scheduled for Tuesday, November 27th....just after Thanksgiving.  We just need a good 'ol Texas turkey dinner and BIG Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys victories so we have good, positive energy in the O.R.  Right Doc?? ;-)