Saturday, March 23, 2013

Eye of the Tiger

Cue it up, and blast it y'all!

I think we can make it official. I'm a runner! Woohoo! Still going through the "Couch to 5K" program....and hating, errr I mean LOVING it! *big smiles, BIG smiles* As (prayerfully) anticipated, each run gets a little easier. The rhythm gets more in sync, I get a little faster and go a little further. I've seen parts of our beautiful neighborhood I've never seen before! Now, I know I've mentioned how much I LOOOVE not only our gorgeous neighborhood, but our fabulous little town...well, get ready to hear more about it! I'm gonna shake this 'ol blog up a bit and start talking about things other than these crazy hips. The good Lord-willing, I'm done with surgeries and it looks to be I'm on the road to "normalcy" *what's THAT??* so I want to start chatting about other things, in addition to hip stuff of course! I mean, the title states "The Harmonious Hip", so of course I'll always be up for a good acetabulum discussion. But, it's also "Harmonious"....which would suggest "all encompassing" and "balanced", right? Of course right! So, expect some Mom-talk, some fitness-talk, some nurse-talk, some Texas-talk, some discussions about my favorite things in life, etcetera...etcetera...etcetera.... Bonus points if you can name that musical!!

So, howdy y'all and welcome aboard! I'm so happy y'all are here!! Got a question/comment? Give me a shout! I'd love to hear from you!!

A pic of my post-workout shenanigans...still loving me some ice packs! Owwwch!

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