Friday, March 22, 2013

Knock knock! Who's there?

Opportunities are a funny thing. They come and they go....and just when you least expect it, a really BIG one comes knocking at your door!

So, just the other week, I received an email from a friend with such an was an audition for a very big event featuring some of Broadway's greatest producers, directors and performers who had collaborated to bring all of the different "Phantom Of The Opera" stories together in one musical concert. Apparently they were seeking some local talent to fill in some of the solo parts. And they picked me. Me!!! What? Really?? Me??? Yes, I'm still pinching myself! We had our first rehearsal last week and I met the director and worked with some of the Texas A & M chorus. I won't "name drop", buuuut let's just say, this particular director is also a famous Broadway performer who happens to be in my personal playlist. I literally listen to this guy while I'm working out...and here he was right next to me, giving me blocking!!! Surreal, y'all. So anyways, my part...small, but actually pretty important in the storyline of the Phantom. I feel I've been given this baby and I'm going to accidentally drop it on it's head or something! I've never been so nervous in all my life! Such an honor, I can't even begin to express my gratitude for this incredible, once in a lifetime experience! For those of you locals wanting ticket information, here's the link! It's April 4th and 5th at Rudder Auditorium at Texas A & M University.

p.s. Hips are doing amazingly we'll just see if they can hold up in my 4 inch heels! Yikes!!

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