Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cool Runnings

Running. A concept I have only just recently embraced. Albeit...slooooowly. But I can do it, by golly! Moving is still painful and hips get quite stiff. Still busting out the ice packs everyday, but I'm movin and groovin, y'all! I even ran a little 1 mile race earlier this month...a little family "fun run". My daughter and I took that mile and DOMINATED! Okay, that's a lie. She dominated and I brought up the rear. But I ran the whole thing!!! She went ahead of me and was at the finish cheering me on. I've never run an entire mile non-stop in my whole life! And I did it!!! Next up, tackle the infamous 5K! I've already signed up for a race in September (the color run "Run Or Dye") and my goal is to run the whole thing....no walking. Lily and I may do another 5K before then, we'll see if the ol' hips can take it. She's hooked now. The run bug has bit, and she's itching to do a 5K! So darn proud of her!! Even Big Daddy is taking about starting to run again! He just wants a cool medal like us girls! ;-)

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