Monday, April 28, 2014

With A Vengeance

I am lying here, while my baby girl gives me a back rub (she is so precious to me!), feeling that oh so familiar sensation deep in my hip bones. And I just want to weep. It's back. The pain is back...with a vengeance!  Well, or did it ever really leave in the first place?  Who knows?  So, I'm back on the good 'ol blog again...pouring my little heart out. I thought we were done. I truly thought that we were through with all this hip mess. There was always a chance the surgeries wouldn't completely work...that the dysplasia would be too severe...but we didn't want to believe that. Besides, I recovered so well!  I did all the Physical Therapy and even started to RUN!!!  But that soon came to a screeching halt, due to pain. Thinking that maybe I just need to get a few pounds off these poor hips, I dropped 20 pounds....and instead of the pain subsiding, it's grown worse and worse with each passing month. We can no longer call this "post-op pain"....this is a much bigger beast and has been growing every step of the way. 

I finally got the "stubborns" out of the way and saw my family doctor today. "I thought we were through with all that hip mess!" declares Dr. S. Yeah. Me too, buddy. Me too. So, we're back at square one. Referral to the hip specialist and back I go to Texas Children's Hospital!  (I recall they have good food there, which is a plus!)  But for now, it's Tramadol and Celebrex and very hot baths. And prayer...LOTS of prayer. Prayer that the doctors will figure out what's wrong. Prayer that they can fix me with minimal to no further surgeries. Prayer that I can make it through another work day, tears pushed aside, so I can be the best nurse possible for my patients....and the best wife and mother for my precious family....and the best doggie-mommy to our sweet baby boy, Gunner. ❤️

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