Monday, July 7, 2014

Ton 'o Bricks

Attempting the "Couch to 5 K" and having to start all over again. No bueno. I feel like lead trying to run and my hips are freaking out. But I KNOW that I can do this!  I want to be a runner so bad I can't stand it!  I want those darn metals, people!!!  Just kidding....sort of.  So, I'm opening up the blog to YOU!  Any tips from you runners out there?  Or even just some words of wisdom from you fitness gurus?  

I may be down, but I'm NOT out!!!


  1. Hi Amy! I'm Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer my quick question I have regarding your blog! Please email me whenever you get a free moment at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  2. First of all, this is the first time I ever read a "blog", I just read it all in reverse order as something about your story I couldn't stop reading. I am in my mid 40's now, a father of 3 beautiful young girls in New Hampshire, and could relate to so much you wrote. I also relate to Big Daddy, former military retired from Civilian Police, and always in great shape. That doesn't matter.. Got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes out of nowhere 10 years. No one in family has ever had diabetes, not an ounce of fat on me, but it still happened. Been wearing a pump ever since. Still lifted weights and ran a few miles daily. Then a slip on grass 2 1/2 years ago caused both knee surgeries. I bounce back and fell on ice and 2 shoulder surgeries followed by a wrist surgery just 2 months ago. During the past 18 months months, through all this pain, my hips started hurting more than all the other recent injuries. At first told it was bursitis, followed by therapy, then demanded mri's, and found labrum tears. A new Dr, told me after some xrays that he is an expert on labral tears, but he could see that I had retroverted acetabulems. Nothing he could do and sent me to Bostons Childrens Hospital. Yes I wasa couple days past my 46th birthday and watched a couple of Disney movies while waiting. That was February 2016, a year exactly when pain started. No one has really given me any answers, all I keep hearing is you have no cartilage damage or arthritis as far as they can see, just labral tears and they aren't bad enough for replacements yet, unless you cant stand the pain, so finally last Thursday and again yesterday, I got cortisone shots. Since you are a nurse you may understand the problem with a diabetic getting cortisone, as I am typing my blood is 427. Not good, but I just hated how your blog ended, and curious how you and your family are doing. Again, let me re-iterate, I am definitely like your husband I don't write things, but was very touched by your story and not a "hip chick". The only problem is you guys should be rooting for the Patriots. I have no idea if ill ever hear from you, but hope you are pain free and family is doing well.