Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PUMP you up!

Hans und Franz are ringing in my ears these days. I've finally, FINALLY hit the workout circuit after a nearly 6 year absence! And what a learning curve! Oh my! Well, not only is my body 6 years older....it's 6 years HEAVIER too! These hips have kept me sidelined for far too long and it's time to get Mama back in shape! With many recommendations and with the blessing of Physical Therapy, I've started the "Couch to 5K" program. Now, let's be totally honest...I've NEVER been a runner. Ever. I've watched other people, including my father, effortlessly glide across the pavement with envy in my heart, for years. I've read on Facebook, friends who did their "latest half marathon", with their glowing smile and holding that coveted medal, plastered all over their profile page. Well! Sit back no more!! Imma gonna do it!!! So, now into the second week of the program....I'm about as fast as a snail crawling over peanut butter. But #1- It's happening! It's really happening! #2- Every time it gets a teeny, tiny bit easier....the rhythm of the run vs. breath gets smoother. #3- Most importantly, it DOESN'T hurt! Okay, that's a lie. It hurts. But not like before surgery...it's more of a tightness, a "I've been fat and out of shape for FAR too long" pain. It's not the sharp "oh my gosh, someone take the stabbing, flaming sword out of my hip, and oh no my hip is going to dislocate!!!" pain. So, hooray! And stay tuned...I've got my eye on some races coming up. Who knows? I may be posting MY smiling face holding my very first 5K medal before we know it! ;-)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Awww snap!

It's now 10 weeks post op and things are truckin along. I went back to work last week and lasted about 5 hours....only working one shift a week for now. It was soooo great to be back at work, BUT I find my stamina is just not back up to snuff yet. I was wishing for my cane walking to the parking lot after my 5 hour effort. Still going to Physical Therapy 2-3 days/week, which is ironically getting MUCH harder and yet it helps SO MUCH!!! I can feel myself (very slowly) getting stronger, but I still have a loooong way to go. Hips are still very tight, but getting less painful....ever so slightly, day by day. The right one is very encouraging since I have virtually NO pain and my flexibility is almost where it was pre-op. Just still have the occasional "catch", like something is stuck in the joint and then with a few more steps, it works itself out. But the lefty is clearly lagging behind (as it should of course). I can only do standing knee raises to about 60-70 degrees without "help". And even then, I have developed this horrific "snapping" sensation whenever I do them. It's right in the front of the hip, kinda in the groin/top of the thigh area. And it hurts like the dickens!!! Most likely it is the psoas tendon that was released during surgery that is now reattaching itself and is tightly snapping over the bone like a rubber band. Yeah....owwch! Also, during butterfly stretches it snaps and then feels like a very, very tight rope that doesn't want to release. It does of course (eventually) stretch out and then the pain extends all the way down to the knee. Again....owwch! But, on the sunny side, for my valiant efforts during PT, I'm "rewarded" with a massage and some TENS electro therapy and ice. Woohoo! I'll admit, it's a little weird having complete strangers massaging my thigh and groin, but at that point it hurts so bad I don't really care. Big kudos to the Conroe Regional Medical Center physical therapy team....they ROCK! They're workin me super hard, but it's with tough love. I know, I know. Besides, anyone who deliberately dives into these flabby thighs with some BioFreeze, just to help a girl out....well, they're rock stars. That's all there is to it.
Bend and snap, y'all....over and out!