Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's a Party!!!

And yes....YOU'RE invited!!! I have woken up after yet another restless night of pain, to find myself struck with the biggest pity party of the year. Satan is workin me hard this morning, kids....I REALLY don't like that guy. It's not just the pain (although, that alone is pretty darn miserable) its the sloooooowness of this recovery. I should be getting BETTER by now!!! It's exactly 3 weeks post-op today. And now is where God's amazing gentle and loving voice says to me "but Amy, look how far you've come in 3 whole weeks!" And I want to pout and cry like a 3 year old :-( But folks, there is yet another reason for this "festive occasion" of Amy's pity party for one...I weighed myself yesterday. Yeah, I know, that was kinda stupid. But ohmygoodnessgracious it's happened. It's actually really happened. I am officially the fattest I've ever been in my WHOLE LIFE. Even MORE than when I was pregnant with my 2 ginormous 9 lb butterball babies! Yeah, MORE. There aren't enough words in the human language to describe how heartbroken, disgusted and angry I am at myself right now. I want to scream "how did this happen?!" Ummm, well it was when you went for round 'however many' on the pie, cookies, chips, etc. Just because you eat mounds of Nutella on fruit does NOT make it healthy!!! Just because you bulk up on the blueberries on the "healthy" morning oatmeal, does NOT negate the fact that it's about TWICE the serving it should be! And when you drive OUT OF YOUR WAY just to get you favorite frosty treat....that should be a big, huge red light that "Houston, we have a problem!" And so, here we are. The end of the year. The season of Nicorette and Jenny Craig and Gold's Gym commercials galore (thank you dear God that I don't smoke anymore!). And ya know what? I've decided to make another blog! I know, you're thinking..." Greeeeaaaat, now we gotta read even MORE of Amy's psycho-babble!" Nope. This one's for me. And if I can help others along the way, like I have here....then AWESOME!!! But, this "blogging thing" has proven to be quite therapeutic for me, and well....it will hold me accountable to all the world, and guys, I could use all the encouragement I can get! This will be a major, MAJOR uphill battle...especially with broken hips! But I HAVE to so something! I want to be the healthiest I can be, not only for my dear precious family, but for God. He has blessed me with this body, to be a vessel for Him. And what have I done?? I've overstuffed it with Mexican food and red velvet cake!!! So, there we are. Stay tuned, friends....more to come, much more. Oh, and by the way...the party's cancelled ;-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cut The Cord!

Got stitches out yesterday and strangely, I feel like a FREE woman! However, realistically I know this is only just another baby step. Still, it makes me want to run and jump and skip and do some high kicks over my head! Alas, baby steps, Amy...baby steps. Ugh! Pain is getting better everyday. Range of motion is getting better everyday (albeit VERY slowly!). I am doing my stretches at home and finding them to be a bit easier than the first go around...which is incredibly encouraging! Getting SUPER excited about Christmas too! I'm just a big kid to begin with, so add the holidays to the mix and well, let's just say...I'm happier than a bird with a french fry! But, this bird is ready to bust outta this cage and fly free! Patience is not one of my strong suits. Perhaps that's why God has presented these "road bumps" in my life....to slow me down and teach me patience. Lord knows, it's done nothing but draw me closer to Him...and that alone is the greatest blessing of all of this ordeal! The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways. If only we would just slow down and LISTEN! xoxo

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Blue Christmas

Well, as usual, recovery is slow.  My heart and my mind want to go, go, go and my hips (and my dear family and friends) say no, no, no.  Although, this recovery seems to be going much better than the last one, I have to remember that I am still not even 2 weeks post-op yet.  This, however, does NOT make me any less disgruntled.  I want to go Christmas shopping, I want to go see "A Christmas Carol" with my friends (REALLY irked about that one), I want to be up and in the kitchen singing carols and making cookies....and I want to get back to work!!!  I miss my job, my friends, my patients....I DO NOT like being the patient (I'm pretty sure you've figured that one out now, huh?)  I want to get back to the gym and finally, FINALLY start working off these millions of pounds I've gained through all this ordeal.  I want to completely reorganize my closets.  I want to take my dog on a much deserved walk around the block.   I want to be able to put on a pair of pants, shoes, socks, etc. without help.  So, as you can probably surmise, I'm a bit blue these days.  I know (I do!) that the end is in sight...I can see the faint dim of the light at the end of this ridiculously long tunnel.  I can finally see the peak of this gigantic mountain I'm climbing.  But, it's like the last mile in the race.  You want to give it all you've got and sprint like mad to the finish line....but my body just won't let me.  On a happier note.... I made my very first venture out of the house last night since returning home from my surgery.  Our daughter had her holiday choir concert and wild horses couldn't have kept me away.  She even had a solo, and was absolutely beautiful!  Chip off the old block, that girl!  I even was able to ditch the crutches and just use the cane!  Although I DID need Big Daddy's hand-holding for stability...but, he didn't seem to mind ;-)  So, for now, I'll be singing the Christmas carols from my "office" (the Tempurpedic) and Pinning like a crazy person....if you don't already know, I'm an absolute 100% Pinterest junkie (Follow Me!!!)

"I'll have a bluuuuue, blue, blue, blue Christmas....."

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Bare Necessities

The view from my tiny world....I've got all the essentials:
-my adjustable TempurPedic (fav place on earth)
-my fancy red crutches
-my Polarcare cooler pad machine thingy
-my laptop
-Diet Coke (yes, it's essential)
-my iPhone, from which I write this post!
-and my best friend curled up, ever faithful by my side, my precious Golden Retriever, Daisy
What more could a girl need?? :-D