Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hot Baths at Dawn

Yep. You read that right. It's not even 0300 and I've already hit the whirlpool tub for the morning...taken my Tramadol and Celebrex... and said my prayers. Hips hurt so much they woke me up. Boo!  So I thought I'd take the opportunity to update my friends and fellow hip chicks....and pray I don't drop my iPad into the tub!  Yikes!

I had my appointment with Dr. R at Texas Children's Hospital....always a fun experience (you recall my affinity for Disney and lollipops). The poor man is baffled. I have stumped him. He has absolutely no idea why I should be having the pain I am after FAI surgery was supposed to correct the defect. Great. The doc is stumped. And this nurse is even MORE confused. So, it's back to hip injections we go!  If you've kept up with the blog (and if you haven't, welcome!) I wrote a quite descriptive experience of said injections in my post titled "Children's Hospitals" (if you want to go back and read it, I won't rehash the experience here). My dear friend and fellow hip chick, Janelle, has recently gone back down the injection route and sounds like it doesn't get any easier. So, we will continue to pray this finds some, albeit temporary, relief until we decide if another surgery is in the future. 

On a happy note...Big Daddy and I have joined a gym!  I haven't been able to run in months, which really, REALLY bums me out. But I'm rockin' that elliptical like nobody's business and lifting weights. Trying to get back in shape after all this hip mess is quite the challenge, but I'm soooo ready!  I started running again about a year ago and my weight hasn't changed all that much since then (because of the irregular run sessions) so it's time to get serious and get this body back in shape!  I'm also doing the myfitnesspal app, so whoever wants to be my "friend" come on over!  My user name is sweethipchick...come find me!  xoxo

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